Assignment #2 - Lesson Plan #1
"And you thought gasoline was expensive"
Grade Level: 4th / 5th / 6th
Subjects: Mathematics / Social Studies / Information & Technology Literacy
Technology Integration: Students will research the price of a gallon of gasoline as well as other various liquids then create chart showing their findings using software such as MS Excel or a free online tool such as

Assignment #2 - Lesson Plan #2
"Our Solar System"
Grade Level: 4th and up
Subject: Science
Technology Integration: Students will chart the orbit of the sun and each planet in the solar system using MS Excel

Assignment # 2 - Lesson Plan #3
Grade Level: 3rd / 4th / 5th
Subjects: Science / Social Studies
Technology Integration: Students would research the rainforest specifically looking for details about people, animals and life. They would report out their findings by sharing with the class. I would improvise this lesson to work with my 6th graders and give them the flexibility to choose a technology tool to share the information with the class

Assignment #4 Blog Address

Assignment # 6 Three Favorite Websites - Two Educational
At you will find online games that offer problem solving practice for students. The favorite in my classroom is the lemonade stand. It also offers great resources for teachers.
The above website is one that I use with my students to review spelling words. The lists are linked with the reading series used by grades 3-6. It also offers other activities such as Wacky Web Tales and BrainTeasers.
This site is one I like to use to look for decorating and home furnishing ideas. Occassionally you can find great clearance deals!

Assignment #8 Online Educational Game